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Frequency Treatments+ AT Q360

Frequency Treatments+ AT Q360
Anna Akbari By Anna Akbari

Just like food and supplements, treatment protocols are personal. If you’re waiting for every oncologist or MD in the country to endorse what you’re doing, or for a large body of double-blind studies to confirm the efficacy of every treatment, you’ll be waiting a long time — and sometimes time is not on your side.

I like to think I’m a healthy mix of skeptic, researcher, an optimist. And that is the mental cocktail I brought to each of the alternative (aka non-chemo) treatments I explored. You might not agree with some or any of them, and that’s ok. But I’m really happy with the treatment I’m getting, and if you or someone you love is desperate enough, you may be ready to take a chance on these, as well. And when your alternative is poisoning yourself with chemotherapy, a treatment that — in my case — has placebo-level efficacy, these treatments start to look extremely appealing. (Bonus: I get to keep my hair and not make myself sicker.)

And here’s the great thing: The treatments I’m getting are not just for people with cancer. They are excellent ways to constantly optimize your health and operate preventatively, as well.

These are the treatments I’m getting:


This sounds far more new age than it is. It’s actually all physics. I’m getting treatments at Quantum 360 in Malibu (their website doesn’t do it justice when it comes to explaining the science behind all the therapies, but if you want more info, just call and speak with their extraordinarily knowledgeable founder, Aaron, or their brilliant scientist, Justin (who cured his rare blood disorder with this technology), and they’ll do a far better job than me at explaining everything. [For those not on the West Coast, there is a clinic that uses some similar methods on Long Island, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine. I haven’t been there, but a friend rid herself of Lyme’s disease thanks to them after battling it for 3 decades.]


Quantum 360 uses the Sensitiv Imago machine to scan your body and identify very specific imbalances in each part of your body (i.e. all the pathogens you’ve been exposed to, with a very precise number that indicates how acutely it is still affecting you). The scans are done using headphones, a heat sensor over your thyroid, and bare feet on metal pads. Doubters and skeptics do the scans and are shocked when it reveals ailments and diseases they have not told the practitioners about.

They also use other frequency machines like the Perl and M.O.P.A., as well as a Bemer chair, a HyperVibe, and a custom built hydrogen cloud/mineral room. Before you dismiss these as pseudo-science gimmicks, keep in mind this frequency technology was developed and used by the Russians for warfare and is the same technology believed to be used against the American diplomats in Cuba that fell ill due to “microwave-based weapons.” This technology can be used to harm or heal. Hang around there for a while and you’ll hear story after story from people who have shrunk tumors and cleared cancer and other chronic diseases using their many therapies — their stories are so incredible that some might call their healing a miracle; I call it under-utilized, remarkable science. It’s not cheap, but after a month of treatments and countless conversations with both practitioners and other patients, I do believe it’s effective.

You may be wondering why these “miracle” machines aren’t more widely used. To answer that, one has to look at some hard truths of the American medical system. (Ask Aaron to walk you through it; it’s enough to make you crazy and question everything.) Never underestimate that keeping people sick is big business. I know that sounds cynical, but after my experience and research, I do believe that our medical system is first and foremost a capitalist endeavor. And being healthy — if it doesn’t involve a lifetime on pharmaceuticals — is not a money-making venture.

Anyway, back to the positive stuff: I’ve been going 2x per week for the last month, and since my scans have improved so much (yay!) — including clearing pathogens in my uterus (which they believe were connected to ovarian cancer) and a parasite in my liver which I never knew I had — I am now cutting back to once per week. Each session involves a repeat scan and several hours on their various machines (they change it up each time). Not only are my scans significantly better, but I feel better after each session. I will taper off my treatments to once per month and then once every 3-6 months indefinitely. I still plan to get monitored using blood tests, ultrasounds, and CT scans with my oncologist, but those have done a very poor job of catching things early so far and/or been very inconclusive. So these scans are an essential complement for me since I’d like to ideally catch imbalances and tumor growth before they are visible to the naked eye. Some of my “healthy” friends are planning to get scans here to monitor and optimize their health, and I’m going to take my mom there when she visits.

Explaining the physics that powers these treatments are beyond my scientific pay-grade, but contact the clinic and they’ll be more than happy to talk your ear off about it. Be sure to tell them I sent you!

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