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My experience at Q360

My experience at Q360
J Laufer By J Laufer

I first heard about Aaron Cameron and his work with sound and frequency treatment technologies years ago from a good friend. She was seeing him on a weekly basis and never felt healthier in her life. I was intrigued by his work and the possibilities for healing, so I ended up flying to California so he could treat me for acute and chronic Mono (Epstein Barr Virus). Due to responsibilities at work, I could only fly to California every few weeks, but after several trips of light and sound frequency treatments, I felt significantly better and my aches and pains went away. I couldn’t believe it! 


In December 2017, I got diagnosed with Degenerative Disc and Facet Joint Disease at my L5/S1 and L2/L3. Since then I was in chronic, daily (sometimes debilitating) pain, at one point barely being able to walk. Several doctors suggested surgery, but I refused to go that route after having heard many nightmare stories about back surgeries. I was sent to Physical Therapy for several months (which actually made things worse for me), I was told to take pain meds (which I refused), and once again I was told to consider surgery. I felt hopeless and helpless and found myself slipping into a depression, not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, not sleeping, and losing hope.


I was desperate for help, so in April 2019 I finally decided to contact Aaron Cameron at Q360 in Malibu, CA. I asked him if he could help get rid of my back pain and without any hesitation he said, “I KNOW I can!” He told me he needed me there for at least two weeks and I made the commitment to put my life on hold in order to fly there to receive the help I needed. I thought I was going to Q360 for help with my back, but what I quickly discovered on day one of treatment is that healing is so much more than just physical. 


Q360 is an amazing facility. The minute I walked in on my first day of treatment I was in awe of the instant peace and calm I felt there. It was like pure serenity. Furthermore, the technology that exists there is beyond incredible, from the Sensitive Imago (SI) Scanner, to the Light Frequency Machine, Hydrogen Cloud, Bemer Mat, to the Hyper Vibe (promoting lymph drainage, circulation, and weight loss). 


On the fist day of treatment I was hooked up to the SI scanner, which literally provided real time feedback on the areas in my body where homeostasis had broken down. Every single area that was bothering me showed up in the scan, and beyond that, the scan showed my current state of health in every system and organ of my body. Furthermore, I was amazed how the SI continued to scan every cell in my body, including my blood and chromosome health. What was so helpful was that while the SI was conducting the scan, I could visually see as it scanned every organ on the monitor in front of me. This allowed me to follow in real-time where the damage was in each organ, down to my blood and chromosomes. Upon completion of each scan, Aaron would then come in and assess the results from physical health concerns, to allergens and toxins that I need to stay away from (including what foods aren’t good for me that impact the homeostasis of my body, to which of my medications and supplements were actually WEAKENING my body instead of helping it). He then circled the problem areas that needed immediate attention and ran a program to start healing those cells in real time through light and sound frequencies. Once again I could see this all happening on the monitor in front of me, which allowed me to feel empowered in understanding how the healing was working. The SI scan is only one of the incredible healing technologies that Q360 uses. Everything else is just as amazing. When you hear the explanation of how sound and light frequencies work to help heal the body, it is mind blowing and makes so much sense. Everything that Q360 stands for and provides is healing for the body. These technologies help create the environment the body needs to start healing itself.  


With all that said, I thought I was making the commitment of two weeks to fly out to Californian to heal my back. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the most amazing mind, body, and soul retreat I could ever speak of. I am walking away from this experience feeling like I have my life back. I’m not walking around in pain anymore, and if there is a tweak here and there, I know it’s because my back is continuing to heal itself. I feel like a new person on all levels and overall feel the healthiest I’ve felt in YEARS! 


What I’ve learned beyond the actual physical treatments is that the mind and body are so incredibly connected and that much of our physical ailments are created by all sorts of negative thoughts and emotions that our bodies have held onto, some of which we don’t even realize we’re still carrying and have repressed subconsciously. Some of these emotions include past trauma, grief, negative thinking, toxicity, and most importantly FEAR. Furthermore, the connection with our health also extends to environmental factors, as well as what we eat and put in our bodies. I know that now on a much deeper level than ever before. 


Even though I flew back home to Phoenix and I’m away from Q360 now, I continue to live my life differently based on everything that I’ve learned at Q360. Despite the fact that my pain level significantly decreased in the first 2-3 days of treatment (and only continued to get better while there), Q360 is not a place you go to get a quick fix, only to then go back to your old unhealthy way of living. It is essential that what is learned at Q360 is applied in your life after you return home. This includes whatever dietary changes were recommended to you, controlling environmental factors as much as possible, and continuing to work on your thoughts and outlooks on life (which drive your emotions, and then in turn impact the health of your body). 


Words don’t do it justice when trying to describe my experience at Q360. It has truly changed my life and I walked away a healthier person, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. I am beyond grateful to have found this place and recommend it to ANYONE suffering from any ailments, small or large. I highly recommend Q360 - it will truly change your life and the results will speak for themselves. I am grateful to Aaron for his life's work in creating such an incredible healing facility. I am also grateful to his entire staff for all the help they have given me, from Justin, to Jacob, to John, to Peggy. They are all amazing individuals. I know that in the future if I have ANY health concerns, Q360 is where I will come.