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My experience with Frequency Treatments

My experience with Frequency Treatments
Jason Gale By Jason Gale

In the late 1980’s, I was infected with Hepatitis C. It was not detected for nearly twenty years. When I started having problems with my liver, my doctor in Canada sent me to a specialist. In 2015, I was put on a treatment of Riboviron and Sovaldi for six months. The treatment was excruciating. When it was over, I was told it had failed and my liver was in worse shape than before. I was failing rapidly.

I had been working on a project with Aaron, but it was getting increasingly difficult to motivate myself. I was weak, my liver was bloated and I had no appetite but vomited frequently. My skin was ashen and my eyes had a yellow tint to them. On May 21, 2016, I visited Aaron in California. He took me to his office and hooked me up for a scan. In minutes, he knew everything about my health and saw medical issues we had yet to discuss. All of the scans were accurate. That was only the beginning. I found myself feeling improvement that day. The following days were nothing short of miraculous. I saw toxins extracted from my body and was given non- invasive treatments using frequencies that turned everything around. Aaron sent me home looking and feeling 100% better. My wife and family cried when they saw me. I have continued on with one of the treatments at home with equipment Aaron provided and have stayed healthy.

I have attached three photos. One of me in late 2015 at my worst, one a year later at an occasion most people, including me, didn’t think I would live to see and, my daughter Sarah’s wedding. The last is from this past Christmas.

I can never express my gratitude to Aaron for a second shot at life. I recommend his treatments to anyone who has been told that there was no hope for pain, disease, or even death.

Sincerely Jay Gale 

Before Frequency Balancing (2015)Lived to see Sarah's Wedding (2017)After Frequency Balancing (2018)