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Services We Offer

The Q 360 Club uses advanced technologies combined with the best of holistic non-invasive health practices to bring optimal health to our members. We offer a body scan using the Sensitiv Imago Complex, in real time with a 96% accuracy rate. Once stress factors (bacteria, viral, parasitic, fungal etc.) are identified then an algorithm is sent back to the cell to correct discord and realign the body back to homeostasis.

Q 360s advanced energy technologies can rejuvenate DNA function to improve skin vitality, and help you look and feel younger.

The device scans and analyzes every function and body system, including chromosomes, blood, any type of infections, toxins, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, metabolic and organ functions, tissue health, and every possible metabolic state that might be classified as “diseases” by allopathic medicine. Then these issues can be balanced using the frequency technology, in real time, all while the client sits comfortably in a chair.

Other technologies are used in addition to the Sensitiv Imago, including PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy and other frequency clearing devices with thousands of preprogrammed protocols, a Dual Vortex Generator, the Hydrogen Ion Cloud and the Hyper Vibe to further facilitate the rebalancing process.

Everything works synergistically to provide maximum benefit in rebalancing the body.

Healing Modalities
Sensitiv Imago Complex & Quantum Balancing
Initial Scan (30 min), Review & Analysis (60 min)
This may be applied to services recommended
Sensitiv Imago
Follow Up Scan & Analysis & Quantum Balancing (30-60 min)
Light Frequency
Resonant Light ~ Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (60-90 min)
Hydrogen Cloud
Revive ~ Restore ~ Rejuvenate ~ Renew (20 min)
Hyper Vibe
Promotes Lymph drainage, circulation & weight loss (30 min)
Bemer Mat
Helps the body regenerate and facilitate self-healing (8 min)
Nutritional Consultation
Receive a food guideline based on scan and allergy sensitivities
Customized Quantum Balancing Healing Packages
10 sessions 20 sessions
1 Initial Scan, Review & Analysis 1 initial Scan, Review & Analysis
9 SI Scans and/or light therapy TBD at time of Protocol 19 SI Scans and/or light therapy TBD at time of Protocol
4 Frequency Formulas 8 Frequency Formulas
10 Bemer Mat sessions 20 Bemer Mat sessions
1 Nutritional consultation – guideline based on allergy sensitivities 2 Nutritional Consults: shopping list & guideline – allergy sensitivities
4 Hydrogen Cloud sessions 8 Hydrogen Cloud sessions
8 Hyper Vibe sessions 16 Hyper Vibe sessions
3 Vibe Machine Tuning Fork sessions 6 Vibe Machine Tuning Fork sessions
4 Sensitiv Imago Supplement Tests 8 Sensitiv Imago Supplement Tests
1 Nes Scan – Mind~ Body ~Spirit Connection 2 Nes Scans – Mind ~Body ~Spirit Connection
10 Light Frequency sessions, 10 Bemer sessions, 4 Hydrogen Cloud sessions, 8 Hyper Vibe sessions, 3 Vibe Tuning Fork sessions
20 Light Frequency sessions, 20 Bemer sessions, 8 Hydrogen Cloud sessions, 16 Hyper Vibe sessions, 6 Vibe Tuning Fork sessions

Frequency, Light, Sound and Hydrogen Technology

Re-establish homeostasis and balance in your body, mind and spirit.