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Aaron Cameron

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Born in Ontario Canada, Aaron Cameron’s vision for a state-of-the-art healing center sparked as a child, when he experienced three life-changing events that inspired his journey to harness non-invasive modalities to help people tap into their own healing capabilities.

The first serendipitous incident occurred at age five, when he and his mother were walking their dog and hit by lightening, a force of nature that threw his mother to the ground, and caused every hair on Aaron’s body to stand on end. While 10 percent of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90 percent with various degrees of disability, Aaron and his mother were both unharmed, prompting his realization of a power much higher than himself, an innate energy and wakeup call that would lay the groundwork for Aaron’s life path.
The second time Aaron felt an invisible force occurred at age eight, when he was riding his bicycle home alone in a torrential rainstorm after spending the day with friends. Along his path, he came across a new housing development where builders had excavated a hole to build a basement. As Aaron rode by the deep empty space, which was filled with murky brown water, he slipped off his bike and fell in. No knowing how to swim, he started to panic as he was immersed, taking dirty water into his lungs, starting to choke. As he began to sink, he felt something grab his wrist and pull him out to safety. When he caught his breath and looked around, there was not a person in sight, and although he was just a boy at the time, he knew he was saved for a reason, that an omnipotent force was reminding him he had a purpose – something much higher than himself, a calling he had yet to discover.

This calling continued to materialize around age 12, when his family was living to the largest nuclear station in North America, where toxins infected almost every household, leading to disease and death of many of his friends and neighbors. He watched as many of them underwent methods of care that involved chemotherapy, surgery and other invasive methods believed to make them well, but none of them survived. Innately, Aaron knew these invasive medical modalities were not the answer, and took it upon himself to find the truth at his local library, where he discovered the wisdom of the ancients – great thinkers, philosophers, practitioners, researchers, scientists and spiritual leaders. One of them was Sir Jason Winters, who, while in the rain-soaked pastures of Europe, learned from descendents of ancient gypsies where to find the finest blossoms of red clover. Aaron also learned that Jason Winter had jaw cancer, and after finding red clover, mixed it with herbs, later leaving him cancer-free. Aaron, fascinated by natural healing methods, studied more extensively, leading him to the realization that everything, including ways for humans to heal themselves, comes from source – meaning Mother Earth.

As Aaron grew older, while in school, he was overwhelmingly bored by traditional studies in the classroom, where he couldn’t sit still, would frustrate his teachers with questions typically not asked by children, and was eventually placed in a cubicle in the front of the classroom in an effort to prevent him from disrupting other pupils. Though he never did his homework, a task he found meaningless, he consistently earned high marks on all his tests and mid-terms, baffling his teachers. Meanwhile, he continued searching for answers based on his personal fascination with natural healing methods, delving even further into the wisdom of great minds that mastered these modalities, and were often ostracized for their discoveries, as they didn’t align with invasive, medical methods. 

Fast forward to Aaron’s life in Southern California, where he worked as a master builder, and also earned a reputation behind-the-scenes as “The Guy in the Garage,” a name he earned after re-creating his own energy and light machines that he used on his own to promote healing. At this point in his life, he knew that self healing was possible by removing blockages in the body, also known as dis-ease, through frequencies of sound and light within the quantum energy field, which he learned emits a universal field of conscious, informed, and intelligent energy that all human beings can tap into. Through word of mouth, Aaron’s concept based on ancient wisdom was attracting people from all walks of life to his garage, where they underwent light and energy sessions, resulting in their own self-healing from ailments that pharmaceuticals, invasive treatments and other methods failed to remedy. By this time, Aaron’s awareness of his life purpose solidified, inspiring him to create his own state-of-the-art healing center where he could share the wisdom of the ancients to help people with almost any type of ailment, including sports injuries, physical accidents and disease.

In late 2018, he opened Q360, a center in Malibu that Aaron designed to foster optimal health in mind-body-spirit by using a holistic, noninvasive, nonmedical approach to harness a wide range of energy fields to help people accelerate and amplify their own healing capabilities. The center was built on his knowledge that any person with an ailment, at some level, is dealing with an imbalance in their energy system, and his devices are designed to bring people back to a state of balance so they will self heal. He emphasizes to clients that none of his practitioners heal anyone – rather, they promote self-healing, which is fostered through the use of frequencies of sound and light, so their body will be in balance. For those unfamiliar with this concept, he explains that when our bodies are in balance, we move towards a state of health as a general principal. The center – in which the Q reflects the Quantum Energy Field and 360 means all encompassing – is at the cutting edge of using advanced alternative energy technologies, and the power of the mind and spirit, to balance life energy through a holistic approach that enables individuals to heal themselves. This is done through a full body analysis, which provides information to select specific devices to bring people back to the state of balance so they will self heal.

Aaron healed himself using his own equipment just last year, when he tore his Achilles from his left heel during a military training course. The full-detachment injury left him hobbled, his foot literally hanging by a thread. He was immediately advised to seek out medical assistance and surgery, to which he declined. Instead, he prescribed his own self-treatment using modalities he designed. In a matter of two months, using modalities of light and sound energy, he changed the state of his injury, which completely healed.

At Q360, practitioners have helped people from as young as two, to people in their nineties, and have also helped animals, including a dog with lung cancer that was given two to three weeks to live, and was clear three weeks later after undergoing light and energy modalities. 

Looking back on his life so far, and all the serendipitous experiences he has gone through, Aaron believes he was given this knowledge for a reason – to raise consciousness for people to self heal, while paying tribute to all the great minds that have found noninvasive ways to bring forth remedies and create a better road map to help people where they need to go.

“Everything we do here is to bring life force back in a very subtle, energetic way,” Aaron says. “It’s through teaching people these modalities they can empower themselves – that’s what Q360 is all about.”